How to Find a Real Estate Agent

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How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent can be just as important as finding the right house. There are a lot of agents out there and it seems like everyone and their cousin has someone to recommend. Check out suggestions from a realtor on finding the right match.

5 tips on selecting the right agent

  1. Find one that knows the area well An agent that knows your area will have better insight into historical and future property values. They may also be able to suggest like-minded neighborhoods more in your price range or closer to your favorite spots.

  2. Check out their Zillow profile
    1. Check out when they sold their first house – how long have they been in the business? How many houses have they sold in the last 12 months? What does that look like in comparison to other agents
    2. Review how many houses they’ve sold, especially in comparison to the number of reviews they have.
    3. Read their reviews and look for any patterns. Like other reviews, look for concrete examples rather than just fluff.
    4. Where have they sold houses? Particular neighborhoods or areas? Perhaps they have a speciality.
    5. What types of houses have they sold? Do they align with what you might be looking for?

  3. Check out their website Don’t just glance at it – look at it and read what they took the time to craft. Someone who pays attention to detail on his or her site likely does the same when doing business. The devil is in the details!If they work for a firm, see if they have a more personal website, too (and vice versa). It’s best to do your homework and get a feel for the agent for whoever they’re representing.

  4. Word of mouth A verbal recommendation from a trusted source will pretty much always trump anything else. Ask your friends, ask your family members, ask the guy at the brewery next to you. Get a swath of recommendations.On that note, don’t just ask people for recommendations, but ask them why. Someone may have loved an agent because he or she was aggressive with pricing but maybe you’d prefer someone who is willing to take their time with you and find the right home.

  5. Offer to buy an agent coffee Buying a house is a big deal and a big purchase. Don’t be afraid to meet with a few agents to see who is a good fit for you. Spend a few dollars on coffee (or beer, if you prefer) and get a feel for their tactics, their experience and specialty, if they listen to your needs, and whether or not your personalities vibe. Trust me, it will make the whole process smoother.

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